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Loan Payment Relief.


It can be stressful when financial stability wavers, even more so when making ends meet becomes a struggle. To help get you back on track, Firefly provides loan payment relief.

Complete the form below for each loan you’d like to extend or give us a call to process your request.

Loan Extension Request

Length of Extension (Number of Months):

NOTE: After submitting this extension request, you'll receive an automated email (at the email address provided in the form above) detailing next steps. Only one Extension is granted per loan. The Credit Union does not lose any rights it has against me or against my property under my Loan or Visa Agreement with the Credit Union.

ACTION NEEDED: If your loan is paid by means outside your Firefly account, e.g. online transfer, online bill payment, or an electronic payment through another financial, you will need to stop the payment. If processed, the funds will be deposited into your savings account instead of the loan. Firefly is not responsible for stopping loan payments or resulting fees.

The purpose of this Agreement is to let me make the payment(s) listed above to the Credit Union at a date later than scheduled in my Loan or Visa Agreement with the Credit Union. This Extension Agreement does not cancel or replace my Loan or Visa Agreement with the Credit Union in any way. I agree to make the payment(s) to the Credit Union by the new due date. I will pay additional interest to the Credit Union in exchange for my right to make payments later than scheduled in my Loan or Visa Agreement. My Loan or Visa Agreement with the Credit Union describes how the additional interest I must pay is calculated. This Agreement does not change the expiration date of any loan insurance I may have bought when I took out my loan with the Credit Union. If I have loan insurance, it may expire before the new due date(s) for my loan payment(s). As long as premiums continue to be paid, and no new funds are advanced, coverage should remain in force. This Agreement will not be effective to change the due date(s) for my loan payment(s) listed above until agreeing to the terms & conditions and approved by Firefly management.

If any issues arise with your extension request, or your request is not approved, we'll be sure to contact you.