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Firefly's home loans open the door to opportunities.

Owning a home brings multiple benefits. You and your family enjoy comfort and security while our communities grow stronger with neighbors who care about being responsible homeowners. If you're buying a home or refinancing a mortgage, we make it easy to apply online and we're eager to save you money with great MN mortgage rates.

Compared to banks, members save an average of $904 in the first year alone with a mortgage from Firefly.
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  Traditional First-Time Homebuyer Jumbo Free-in-10 MortgageSM or Free-in-15SM Mortgage Lot Loan
Overview Use for a primary residence, vacation home or refinancing. Use for the purchase of a primary residence. Use for a primary residence, vacation home or refinancing. A Firefly exclusive; quickly reduce long-term debt by refinancing. This is a product generally used by individuals that wish to purchase vacant land.
Fixed-Rate Option  
Adjustable-Rate Option (ARM)      
Minimum Downpayment 5% on traditional fixed mortgage of primary residence.

Ask for details on minimum downpayment for second home, duplex, or ARM options.
3% Ask for details. N/A 20%
Terms Up to 30 years Up to 30 years Flexible terms, ask for details 10- or 15-year fixed rate 15 years
Rates Change daily Change daily Change daily Change daily; maximum 80% loan-to-value Change daily
Possible Tax-Deductible Interest*
Discounted Realty Services    
*Please consult a tax advisor for further information regarding the deductibility of interest and charges.

Credit union members may benefit from property insurance through TruStage Insurance.

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Firefly CU home loans are available for properties in Minnesota, Georgia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi and Arizona.


Apply online or call (800) 842-3302 for more information.

Rates in effect as of May 17, 2019 and are subject to change without notice
Product Rate APR
1st Mortgage Purchase
30 Year Fixed Rate4.125%4.264%
20 Year Fixed Rate4.000%4.192%
15 Year Fixed Rate3.500%3.742%
10 Year Fixed Rate3.375%3.723%
3 year ARM3.125%4.692%
5 year ARM3.250%4.495%
7 year ARM3.375%4.357%
1st Mortgage Refinances
30 Year Fixed Rate4.125%4.248%
20 Year Fixed Rate4.000%4.169%
15 Year Fixed Rate3.500%3.713%
10 Year Fixed Rate3.375%3.682%
Free in 153.750%3.896%
Free in 103.625%3.835%
3 year ARM3.125%4.675%
5 year ARM3.250%4.479%
7 year ARM3.375%4.341%
1st Mortgage Jumbo's
5 year Jumbo ARM ($484,350+)3.250%4.402%
7 year Jumbo ARM ($484,350+)3.375%4.265%

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Loan Options

Loan Options

Fixed or adjustable rates, various terms
Refinance Options

Refinance Options

Lower your rate or pay off your mortgage quicker
Custom Mortgages

Custom Mortgages

We'll help you find the perfect fit for your budget
Easy Process

Easy Process

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Great options for Minneapolis-St. Paul mortgages.

We'll help you find the right home loan to fit your budget and goals. Refinance to a 10-year or 15-year mortgage to pay off your home faster at a fixed rate. We also provide traditional 20-year and 30-year home loans at great MN mortgage rates.

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You make important decisions every day, so sometimes making even one more (especially a financial one) can seem overwhelming. At Firefly, we want to help guide you through those choices so you can be better equipped to decide what’s right for you and your goals. Take a look at some of the resources we have available to you to aid in your financial decision-making process.

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