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Meet your family’s local financial partner for life.

Firefly is dedicated to guiding our members forward at any life stage. Our Youth & Teen program, Locally Grown, helps our youngest members establish smart financial habits while staying true to our Minnesota roots.

September is Youth Month.

Join us during September for account opening bonuses on new Share Savings and First-Step Checking accounts. 

$10 Bonus

Youth & Teens earn a $10 account opening bonus with a new Share Savings account (ages 0-17)1.

$25 Bonus

Teens earn a $25  account opening bonus with a new First-Step Checking account (ages 13-17)2.

$25 Bonus

Teens can earn an extra $25 if Direct Deposit is set up within 60 days on a new First-Step Checking account2.

All accounts and corresponding bonuses are subject to qualifications. Membership required to receive offers. Offers are subject to change and expire on September 30, 2019. 1 Share Savings account requires a $5 minimum opening deposit and a $5 minimum balance. This bonus is only available for new members ages 17 and under. Allow 2 weeks from account opening for bonus to be deposited. 2 First-Step Checking account is available exclusively to teens (ages 13-17) and earns an Annual Percentage Yield of 0.05%, which is the prospective rate for September 2019. Rate is subject to change. Fees may reduce earnings. Please allow 2 weeks from account opening for initial bonus to be deposited. If Direct Deposit is set up within 60 days of First-Step Checking account opening, an additional $25 bonus will be made at the beginning of the month following the initial Direct Deposit posting (e.g. those with an initial Direct Deposit posting made in September will receive their bonus in the first week of October). Federally insured by NCUA.



Legal Owner (Age 18+) Required
Share Savings  
Christmas Savings  
Money Market  
Preferred Savings  
Relationship Rewards  
WINcentive® Savings  
Youth and teen members are welcome to open any of the above Firefly savings options with a legal owner (age 18+). 

Available exclusively to credit union members, WINcentive® Savings (offered through the Minnesota Credit Union network) celebrates saving by offering monthly, quarterly, and annual prize drawing entries for every $25 you save (up to 4 entries per month)*. For this reason, the legal owner of the account (age 18+) will need to sign accompanying documents on behalf of the minor.

*Account holders may win more than one prize category (monthly, quarterly, or annual) within the same year.



Age 13+ Legal Owner (Age 18+) Required
First-Step Checking     
Members age 13-17 are eligible to open a First-Step Checking account with a parent as a legal owner on the account. In addition to a First-Step Checking account, the following products and services can be opened as part of our First-Step Package - made to help teens as they begin to navigate the world of personal finance. It includes:
  • Share Savings account (required for membership)
  • First-Step Checking account (for higher dividends, ask about our Amplified CheckingSM account option)
  • Free first pad of 50 checks
  • ATM Card or Firefly Visa® Rewards Debit Card
  • $200 ReadyCash credit limit upon approval (ages 14-17*)
  • $200 Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card limit upon approval (ages 14-17*)

*Based on account legal owner.



Age 14+ With A Co-Signer Age 16+ With A Co-Signer
Platinum Rewards Credit Card    
Auto Loan    



For Families
Student Loans  
Please contact us or ask in-branch about additional education financing options.

Products & Services Available to our Youth & Teen Members 

  Ages 0-12 Ages 13-15 Ages 16+
ATM Card or Visa® Rewards Debit Card      
Digital Banking      
Direct Deposit      
Mobile Deposit1      
Money Management (within Digital Banking)      
ScoreCard Rewards2      
SecurLOCKTM Equip Card Control App2      
Shared Branch Access      
Text Banking      
When paired with Firefly's free digital services, your child's account gives parents the tools they need to help their child or teen learn to manage money with their guidance:
  • Get text alerts when account balances drop below an amount that you specify
  • Keep track of transactions with our Digital Banking app
  • Download the SecurLOCK Equip app from your favorite app store for card control on your Visa Rewards Debit or Credit Card:
    • Set parameters on card use including location, merchant type, or transaction types
    • Set spend limits per transaction
1 $200 daily limit and $500 monthly limit for ages 12-14. $500 daily limit and $1,500 monthly limit for ages 15-17. Must have digital banking app. 
2 Must have a Firefly Visa Rewards Credit or Debit Card to use ScoreCard Rewards and/or SecurLOCK Equip.

Firefly's Blog: 

Read along as we shed light on a variety of topics, so you're set up for financial success: Find more on the Firefly blog.
Accounts for All Ages

Accounts for All Ages

From first dollars saved to
first dollars earned, we have
the accounts to fit growing
financial needs
Parent-Approved Features

Parent-Approved Features

Teach your teen to use our money management tools and card control app as they learn to manage their money with your guidance
Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

Firefly membership connects
students to more than $16,000
in academic scholarship
opportunities each school year
Youth Month

Youth Month

Join us each April for National
Credit Union Youth Month
for account opening bonuses
for members age 17 & under

did you know...

Certificates are smart solutions for saving.

Savings certificates are a great tool to teach your child about how compound dividends help their savings balance grow over time. Our 12-month certificate term allows for additional funds to your balance at any point during the certificate term.

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