Card control at your fingertips.


Manage your cards with simple solutions.

Firefly knows the importance of easily managing and monitoring your credit and debit card so we make doing so convenient through SecurLOCK and CardSwap.


In addition to EMV chip technology, Firefly Rewards debit and credit cards have security features that monitor your accounts in real-time via SecurLOCKTM Equip.

Get started with these easy steps:
1) Download the app from your phone's app store
2) Select the "Sign Up Free" button
3) Enter your card number and verification details
4) Create a username and password
5) Log in and begin monitoring your transactions with ease
Easily Turn Cards On/Off

Easily Turn Cards On/Off

Helpful when a Firefly credit or debit card is temporarily misplaced, lost, stolen, or fraud is identified

Monitor Transactions in Real-Time

Monitor Transactions in Real-Time

Receive smartphone notifications when your Firefly card is used and for what amount

Set Usage Parameters

Set Usage Parameters

Designate specific locations, merchants, and even transaction amounts for Firefly card transactions

Notice When You Need It

Notice When You Need It

Receive real-time alerts via text, email, or automated call to confirm card activity when a transaction is suspicious.

Monitor and manage your card activity on the go.


CardSwap is the simple way to establish your Firefly Rewards Credit or Debit Card as the preferred payment option for 50+ popular online sites and streaming services. Whether your card number changes or you're switching from another financial institution’s card, CardSwap removes the hassle of adding or updating your card at checkout - a great way to continue to earn ScoreCard Rewards points on everyday purchases without missing a beat.

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