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DIGITAL Banking Help

Accessing your Firefly accounts has never been easier or more secure. Below are some common questions and tips to help you with digital banking.


How can I sign up to use digital banking?
From any page of our website, click “New User” under the Login menu option. You can also download the Firefly digital banking app for iOS or Android and click “New User” to get started.

What are the browser requirements for Digital Banking?
We recommend updating your browser to the latest version available—not just to ensure compatibility with the new digital banking experience, but also to ensure that you use is as secure as possible.

Note: Browsers older than the following will not provide functionality:
  • Internet Explorer – Version 12 and older
  • Firefox – Version 24 and older
  • Chrome – Version 30 and older
  • Safari – Version 6 and older
How secure and private is Digital Banking?
Firefly uses encryption technology to ensure the exchange of your private information over the Internet is safe. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption scrambles your private data as it transmits over the Internet protecting it from being deciphered and used fraudulently. Both our Digital Banking platform and Bill Pay service always use the highest level of confidentiality protection technology available.
  • How do you know it's secure? Look for your URL bar to change to green.
  • Want to know more about our privacy standards? Read more.
Having trouble with Digital Banking?
Chat with us or give us a call - we'll be happy to help you!
How do I access digital banking?
Visit the Login menu option from any page on our website or open Firefly's mobile app on your device and enter your Login ID and password in the designated fields. It's as easy as that!

What do I use to login?
You'll use your Login ID and password to log in.

Forgot your password?
If you’ve forgotten your password, simply click “Forgot Password” below the login ID and password fields when logging into to digital banking. Firefly does not know your password so this step will need to be taken to regain access.

I'm locked out. Why? How do I get access again?
If you're locked out, it may be due to too many incorrect login attempts. This could be because of entering an incorrect login ID, password, or both. To regain access, simply call or chat with us.

What if I don't know my Login ID?
If you aren't sure of what your Login ID is, please call or chat with us to retrieve it. You'll need this to log into digital banking.

Will I need to change my password?
You will be prompted to change your password upon logging into digital banking for the first time. On occasion, we may require password resets to encourage security standards.

I've never used Firefly's digital banking. What is the login experience like?
You'll log into digital banking from our website or mobile app with your Login ID and password. You'll then be prompted to select a method (email, call, or text) to receive a Secure Access Code - this is used to help us ensure that the individual trying to log into your account is actually you. After receiving the Secure Access Code and entering it in the platform, you will be prompted to set up your password and accept our digital banking terms & conditions. Subsequent logins won't include all these steps but will ask you to register/not register the device to finalize your security preferences.
I need to change my address. How can I do that in digital banking?
To change your address, select Settings > Update Contact Info. It's that easy!

I have links to other Firefly accounts and/or external accounts but can't keep them straight. Is there a way to help with this?
Yes! Creating nicknames is a great way to make managing all your accounts easier. Here's how to set those up:
  • Select  Settings> Account Preferences from the menu
  • Click on the account you would like to rename
  • Under "Online Display Name", click on the pencil icon next to the account name
  • Select the blue check mark to save the nickname or select the blue “X” to cancel and/or delete changes.
How can I easily filter my transactions?
When looking at transaction history, click the "Filters" option to specify date ranges, check numbers or series, amounts, or descriptions. To identify certain transactions, DC = debit card; POS = point of sale.
I need to make a payment on Bill Pay; how can I?
If you are an existing Bill Pay user, simply log into digital banking,  select “Pay Bills” from the menu items on the left, and follow the resulting steps.

If you are a new user, log into digital banking and select "Pay Bills". Complete the challenge phrases for security, accept the Terms and Conditions, and click "Submit". Follow the resulting prompts to pay a bill.

When can I enroll my eBills?
You can enroll in eBills for those billers that offer the service once you've received a paper bill from them. To enroll in eBills when available, find the biller in your eBill Center dashboard within Pay Bills, select "Request eBill PDF", and enter your login credentials for the biller's website.

What is a payee? Is it the same as a biller?
Most of the time, the payee is the same as the biller. A payee may also refer to a person if you're paying someone through the service. Generally, you may see Firefly use "biller" or "payee" to refer to someone you're sending money to through bill pay.

I scheduled a payment but haven't seen it come out of my account. Does that mean it didn't get paid?
Not necessarily; depending on how the payment was made (electronic or check), it may be debited from your account on the day following transaction processing. If a check is sent, it will debit from your account when the check is processed by the payee.

I recently scheduled a bill to be paid but was notified that the bill was sent prior to what I had scheduled. Why is that?
The notification you received is to alert you of the transaction being processed and is on the way to the payee; the payment won't actually be taken from your account until the date you had scheduled, though.

Why did my biller notify me that my payment was made with a credit card when I didn't use that form of payment?
Some payees request to receive bill pay-generated payments via single-use credit card to help expedite the payment process; this is indicated as an "electronic" payment and is a commonly-used method with many bill pay platforms.

I was notified that my recent bill pay payment was declined/refunded or returned to me via mail but I'm not sure why. What should I do?
It would be best to reach out to Firefly's bill pay provider for assistance as they will be best able to help resolve your specific situation. Please call (833) 257-5001 for help; it will also be beneficial to be logged into digital banking to refer to your bill pay account.

I can't activate a new payee in bill pay. Why?
This may be due to a recent change to your contact information. Chat with us or send us a secure message via Messages in digital banking for help. NOTE: We'll need to verify the recent changes you made so be prepared to share those details with us for assistance.
How do I enroll in eDocuments (including eStatements)?
Log in to Digital Banking from your phone or computer
  1. Select “View Documents” from the menu items on the left
  2. Review the disclosure and click “Agree”
  3. Enter your email address and set your delivery preferences
  4. Click "Save" to complete enrollment
How will I be notified when a document is ready to view?
When ready, you will receive an email notifying you that your statement or document is available to view. This notification email will come from 

What types of documents are available for electronic delivery?
Currently, regular statements (savings, checking, loans), credit card statements, tax statements, and other important notices are available to receive electronically.

How do I change how I receive my documents?
If you'd like to elect to receive electronic instead of paper or visa versa, go into View Documents in digital banking and click "Manage Document Preferences".

I receive credit card eStatements. How do I make a payment?
The easiest way is to make a payment within digital banking; this transfer of funds can be done through Move Money > Make a Loan Payment. You can also print and submit the payment coupon on your statement or follow other payment options listed there.
Can I use my fingerprint to log into the mobile app?
Yes! Our app uses biometric options for secure log in. FaceID is also available for iOS.

My app won't seem to load or open. Help!
That's frustrating. Try updating the app first; that often helps. If you're still experiencing issues, please contact us for assistance.

Can I access Firefly's card control app, SecurLOCKTM Equip?
Firefly's card control app, SecurLOCK Equip, is available for iOS and Android. However, access to this app is not available directly from digital banking. We hope to integrate the service into digital banking in the future.

Do I have the ability to send a text to receive my balance or make a transfer?
Yes! Doing so is easy - go to Services > Text Banking within digital banking and change the toggle to "On", add your phone number, check the box to agree to the terms outlined and click Save at the bottom of the page. Note: the text number and short codes are included on that same screen.

Next, you will be prompted to configure your accounts. To do so, click "Visit Preferences" when prompted or navigate to Settings > Account Preferences. Under each account you want to use Text Banking for, click anywhere on the account listing and click "SMS Off", then "SMS/TEXT", and toggle to "On" and view/edit the display name.

What is the number and short codes to use text banking? Send short codes to 226563. Text LIST to 226563 for the list of available commands.

Can I deposit checks from my phone?
Yes! Mobile Deposit is available in our mobile app. You will be prompted to accept an initial disclosure before gaining access to the service.

How can I access Mobile Deposit?
Within the digital banking app on your phone or tablet, select "Deposit Check" and after reviewing the disclosure, click "I Accept". Next, follow the prompts on the screen to deposit your check. Please allow 1 business day for your deposit to process.

How can I sign up for Mobile Deposit?
Open the Digital Banking app, select "Deposit Check", and accept the disclosure. Upon approval, access the mobile app and deposit checks as desired. Note: if you find "Deposit Check" is not an option within the menu, contact us to review your access to this solution.

I signed up for mobile deposit but can't make a deposit yet. Why?
For security purposes, it may take up to 2 business days for Firefly to review your account and set you up with access. We appreciate your patience with this process.

I deposited a few checks but was notified that one or more was rejected. How can I find out which didn't deposit?
Within digital banking, click on "Deposit Check". From that menu option, click "More" in the upper right corner to get history options. The "Accepted" tab will show those that will or have processed; find the check(s) that aren't listed here to identify which needs to be re-deposited.
Can I transfer money to other people?
Yes! You can easily transfer money to other people (even non-members) with an email address or text/SMS-enabled phone number - find it under Move Money > Send Money in digital banking.

How does Send Money work?
After setting up the transaction, the recipient receives a text or email with a link directing them to accept the funds to their debit card or another account – no need to create an account or download another app. Since transactions are securely handled from within digital banking, you don't have to worry about the security of another service.

I don't know my PIN. Can I still complete the Send Money request?
Unfortunately, no; you'll need to enter your PIN to continue. If you don't remember your PIN, you can reach out to us via chat, phone, or secure message in digital banking to request a PIN reminder via mail. This can take 3-5 business days. Alternately, you can visit a branch to reset your PIN. TIP: If you need to send funds via this method sooner, you may be able to use bill pay to complete the transaction.

I received a notification that the funds I sent to someone were being returned to my account. Why?
It could be that the recipient didn't accept the funds within the 10 days allowed to complete the transaction. If this happens, you can try resending the funds.

I sent money to someone and they didn't get the email or text to accept funds. What should I do?
If this happens, contact us. We can help resend or cancel the transaction or, at a minimum, verify it was sent.

I sent money to someone and when they tried to accept funds, they were told “This card can’t be verified right now”. Why?
If a recipient gets this message when trying to accept funds, it is likely that they have an incompatible debit card. Currently, Wells Fargo and US Bank cards are not compatible with Send Money. The recipient can still use their account information to accept the funds, however.
How do I make a transfer and/or schedule one?
Log in to digital banking and select Move Money > Make a Transfer from the menu. Complete the prompts as desired.

I requested a transfer but it didn't occur or is in a drafted state. Why?
Make sure to authorize the request to complete the process; you're prompted to do so when submitting the request. If you need to authorize a transfer still, you can do so within Online Activity in the left side menu.

How do I view transfers I've requested?
You can view pending and completed transfers in the Online Activity option in the left side menu.

How do I edit a pending transfer?
Pending transfers cannot be edited, unfortunately. You'll need to cancel the request and submit a new transfer request; this can be done in Online Activity in the left side menu.

How do I cancel a pending transfer?
This can be done in Online Activity in the left side menu.
How do external transfers from my Firefly accounts work?
You can link to other savings or checking accounts at other financial institutions so long as they can be deposited to and withdrawn from. You'll need routing and account numbers and access to the account to complete the linking process (see below). Once established you can easily transfer funds to them from your Firefly accounts.

How do I set up external transfers?
  • Log into digital banking
  • Select Move Money > Add External Account from the menu
  • Enter the routing and account numbers for the external accounts you wish to transfer to and select "Continue"
  • In 1-3 business days, you'll receive two trial deposits of less than $1 each in your external account. Please make note of these exact amounts; you'll need them to finalize the linking process.
  • Once trial deposits are received, log into digital banking and select Move Money > Verify External Account to enter the trial deposit amounts as requested.
Once these steps are complete, you can transfer funds to the external account through Move Money > Make a Transfer. The external account will be listed as "External" and include the last four digits of the account number.

Where can I complete external transfers in digital banking?
After successfully adding and verifying an external account, you can transfer funds to it within Move Money > Make A Transfer.

I've made a transfer to my external account. How long until those funds are received?
This takes usually 2-4 business days but depends on when the transfer request is made and when the transactions are processed at the other financial institution. As a security measure, Firefly does not currently process same-day transfers to other financial institutions.

I linked my accounts through the "Link Accounts" option, but can't transfer to that account. Why?
You'll need to set up external transfers for that account to move money; the "Link Accounts" option simply allows you to view balances and transactional history for the account. If transfers are desired, you'll need to add the account under Move Money > Add External Account.
What is Firefly to Firefly?
This function allows you to send transfers to other Firefly memberships; this can be a one-time transfer or on a regular basis through a one-way link.

I'm being asked to include an account number when setting up a Firefly to Firefly transfer. What do I use?
For account numbers, use "1" for a savings account and "2" for checking.

I established a link to another Firefly membership through Firefly to Firefly but I'm not sure how to transfer to it. How do I do this?
Once linked, you can select the account from the "TO" dropdown in Move Money > Make a Transfer. TIP: To make identifying the account easier, create a nickname for it. To do this, go to Settings > Account Preferences and click on the name of the account. An option will appear allowing for "Nickname Account"; click the button, label as you'd like, and click the check mark to save.
I linked my accounts but I can't make a transfer. Why?
Linking your account through the "Link Accounts" feature allows you to view balances and transaction history. In order to transfer funds to those accounts, you'll need to set up external transfers. Learn how to do that in the section above.
I can't export to Quicken. Why?
In order to export to Quicken, you'll need to connect your account. To set up a connection, follow these steps. NOTE: if you have multiple savings accounts with Firefly, those accounts will aggregate into Quicken so it may be best to avoid this action. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

I can't export to QuickBooks from digital banking.
Unfortunately, QuickBooks exports is experiencing some issues. We're actively working on a solution and hope to resolve this as soon as possible.

I'm having trouble connecting to another personal financial management service like Mint. Why?
Unfortunately, some connections to other personal financial management services may not be available. Contact us to review what options may connect.

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