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Move credit card balances from your high-rate cards to your Firefly Visa® Rewards Credit Card to save even more each month! Fill out the form below and, once verified, we'll send checks to the credit card companies and move the requested amounts to your Firefly credit card.

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By completing this form, you agree to the following conditions: 1) You authorize us to pay on your behalf each qualifying balance or portion of a balance you designate. Qualifying balances do not include requests to pay any Firefly Credit Union loan or honor any request to pay a payee, or request the check be made to Cash or a person with your surname. 2) Balance transfer requests will be processed within 2 weeks, subject to your available Firefly Visa credit line. 3) You authorize us to advance your Firefly Visa account as a cash advance for the amount(s) listed for balance transfer. Allow 4-6 weeks for transfer of your other balances. Continue to pay at least the minimum amount due on each account until payment appears on that account’s billing statement for the balance you wish to transfer. We are not responsible for any remaining balance on that account or for any finance or other charges you incur due to a delay in transferring a balance. If you transfer any amount for a transaction you dispute, you may lose the rights against the other creditor. 4) Transferring balances will not automatically close your other credit card accounts. To do so, please contact each company directly.