Introducing a new digital banking experience.

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Firefly is pleased to bring you a new digital banking experience featuring a new look and feel and enhanced functionality. Many of the same features you enjoyed previously remain, and we’re excited to be introducing new, robust tools and services to help you manage your financial life all in one place. Check out the FAQs below for more information.


Why did Firefly change digital banking?
Firefly is committed to providing an excellent experience for our members to help manage their finances and their life. Upgrading our digital banking service allowed us to offer new features to do just that.

What changed with the new experience?
The look and feel of both online banking and the mobile app experiences have been upgraded. We've also be enhanced functionality to bring you more options, flexibility, and new features.

What settings were carried over to the new experience?
Many of your existing settings like account nicknames and alerts have been carried over to make the transition as smooth as possible.

How can I sign up to use digital banking?
From any page of our website, click “New User” under the Login menu option. You can also download the Firefly digital banking app for iOS or Android and click “New User” to get started.

What are the browser requirements for Digital Banking?
We recommend updating your browser to the latest version available—not just to ensure compatibility with the new digital banking experience, but also to ensure that you use is as secure as possible.

Note: Browsers older than the following will not provide functionality:
  • Internet Explorer – Version 11 and older
  • Firefox – Version 24 and older
  • Chrome – Version 30 and older
  • Safari – Version 6 and older
How secure and private is Digital Banking?
Firefly uses encryption technology to ensure the exchange of your private information over the Internet is safe. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption scrambles your private data as it transmits over the Internet protecting it from being deciphered and used fraudulently. Both our Digital Banking platform and Bill Pay service always use the highest level of confidentiality protection technology available.
  • How do you know it's secure? Look for your URL bar to change to green.
  • Want to know more about our privacy standards? Read more.
Having trouble with Digital Banking?
Chat with us or give us a call - we'll be happy to help you!
In addition to enhanced features, we're excited to bring you new features that make managing your money even easier.
  • A unified and consistent look, feel, and experience online and in the mobile app
  • Track spending trends and goals with integrated personal financial management
  • Link external accounts to help manage your finances in one place
  • Make Firefly loan payments with just a few clicks
  • Create one-time or recurring transfers to other Firefly memberships
  • Send money from your Firefly debit card to other accounts or other people
  • View your FICO® Score for free, updated each quarter
  • Create nicknames and groups to make it even easier to manage accounts
What do I use to login?
You'll use your same username (your username will now be your Login ID) and password as you have in the past. If you don't remember your password, any can be used to start the process; you'll be prompted to reset it during the first login.

Will I need to change my password?
You will be prompted to change your password upon logging into the new experience for the first time and may need to change your password from what you previously used if it doesn't meet the enhanced security standards; requirements will be outlined during your first login.

What is the new login experience like?
You'll log into digital banking from our website or mobile app with your existing username (as your Login ID) and any password (Note: Android users will need to download a new app. Review Mobile App FAQs below for more details). You'll be prompted to select a method (email, call, or text) to receive a Secure Access Code - this is used to help us ensure that the individual trying to log into your account is actually you. After receiving the Secure Access Code and entering it in the platform, you will be prompted to set up your password and accept our digital banking terms & conditions. Subsequent logins won't include all these steps but will ask you to register/not register the device to finalize your security preferences.

What if I don't know my username?
If you aren't sure of what your username is, please contact us to retrieve it. You'll need this to log into digital banking.

How do I access digital banking?
Visit the Login menu option from any page on our website or open Firefly's mobile app on your device and enter your Login ID and password in the designated fields. It's as easy as that!

Forgot your password?
If you’ve forgotten the password you established for the new digital banking experience, simply click “Forgot Password” below the login fields.
Is Bill Pay available?
Yes; bill pay services are available to use for previous and new users. Access Bill Pay via digital banking by selecting “Pay Bills” from the menu items on the left.

I had scheduled payments; will they be made?
Yes, any previously scheduled payments will be processed as scheduled.

I need to make a payment on Bill Pay; how can I?
If you are an existing Bill Pay user, simply log into digital banking,  select “Pay Bills” from the menu items on the left, and follow the resulting steps.

If you are a new user, log into digital banking and select "Pay Bills". Complete the challenge phrases for security, accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Submit. Follow the resulting prompts to pay a bill.

Did the eBills I enrolled in through the previous digital banking experience carry over?
Unfortunately, no. eBills (bills you may have elected to be available electronically in digital banking) were converted to paper until you re-enroll within the new digital banking experience.

When can I re-enroll my eBills?
You can re-enroll in eBills for those billers that offer the service once you've received a paper bill from them. To enroll in eBills when available, find the biller on your payments dashboard within Pay Bills, select "Request eBill PDF", and enter your login credentials for the biller's website.

I scheduled a payment but didn't see it come out of my account. Does that mean it didn't get paid?
No; if you had scheduled a payment through bill pay it will now be debited from your account on the day following when it was paid. Through our previous experience, your account was debited on the same day the payment was made.
Can access my eStatements in the new experience?
We're pleased to continue to offer eStatements within digital banking. However, previous users will need to re-enroll in the service; this allows us to offer all members the option to receive tax forms and other notifications through the service in the future.

How do I re-enroll in eStatements?
Log in to Digital Banking from your phone or computer
  1. Select “View Documents” from the menu items on the left
  2. Review the disclosure and click “Agree”
  3. Enter your email address and set your delivery preferences
  4. Click "Save" to complete enrollment
Are my previous statements available to view/print/save?
Yes! We'll continue to display your historical statements for your convenience.

I rely on my eStatement enrollment to receive my Amplified Checking dividend each month. What should I do?
To ensure this particular requirement is met for your Amplified Checking dividend, please re-enroll in eStatements as soon as you're able.

Will my eStatement look different?
Yes; we’ve also enhanced our eStatements with a new layout, easier to read format, and full color viewing.

How will I be notified my eStatement is ready to view?
When ready, you will receive an email notifying you that your statement is available to view. This notification email will come from 
Do I need to download a new mobile app?
Our iOS app should have automatically prompted you to update it to a new version - or automatically updated if you have that preference turned on.

For the Android version, a new app will need to be downloaded. It's easiest to uninstall our previous Android app (named Firefly Credit Union - icon is a white "F" on blue/green background) to avoid confusion; then download our new app (named Firefly CU - icon is white circular logo on navy blue background) from the Play Store to get started.

New digital banking users can download Firefly’s iOS or Android app from the appropriate app store.

Can I still use my fingerprint to log into the mobile app?
Yes; however, previous users will need to re-establish that security option after logging in through the traditional alphanumeric method. If you aren't sure of your username, contact us today.

Can I access Firefly's card control app, SecurLOCKTM Equip?
Firefly's card control app, SecurLOCK Equip, is still available for iOS and Android. However, access to this app is not available directly from digital banking. We hope to integrate the service into digital banking in the future.

Can I deposit checks from my phone?
Yes! Mobile Deposit is available in the new experience. You will be prompted to re-accept the initial disclosure but your existing limits will carry over so you can continue to deposit as you have previously.

How can I access Mobile Deposit?
Within the Digital Banking app on your phone or tablet, select "Deposit Check" and after reviewing the disclosure, click "I Accept". Next, follow the prompts on the screen to deposit your check. Please allow 1 business day for your deposit to process.

How can I sign up for Mobile Deposit?
Open the Digital Banking app, select "Deposit Check", and accept the disclosure. If approved you will receive an email within 1 business day. Upon approval, access the mobile app and deposit checks as desired. Note: if you find "Deposit Check" is not an option within the menu, contact us to review your access to this solution.
Did the transfers I had set up to automatically occur between my Firefly accounts within digital banking carry over?
Yes! The transfers you had set up as recurring or scheduled to occur on a specific date carried over to the new experience.

How do I make a transfer and/or schedule one?
Log in to digital banking and select Move Money > Make a Transfer from the menu. Complete the prompts as desired.
Is there a Money Management function?
Yes, Money Management is available in the new experience but is now more integrated creating easier ways to categorize spending, view trends, and manage your financial life.

Did my categories, goals, and other settings carry over?
Unfortunately, no. These settings refreshed with the new experience so please update your preferences as desired.
Can Itransfer money to other people?
Yes! You can easily transfer money to other people with an email address or phone number - find it under Move Money > Send Money in digital banking.

Did the existing external transfers I had previously set up carry over to the new experience?
Unfortunately, no. Please set up your desired transfers within the new experience.
Do I have the ability to send a text to receive my balance or make a transfer?
Yes! We're pleased to continue offering text banking. You'll need to re-enroll, however. Doing so is easy - go to Services > Text Banking within digital banking, toggle to "On", add your phone number, check the box to agree to the terms outlined and click Save at the bottom of the page. Note: the new text number and short codes are included on that same screen.

Next, you will be prompted to configure your accounts. To do so, click "Visit Preferences" when prompted or navigate to Settings > Account Preferences. Under each account you want to use Text Banking for, click anywhere on the account listing and click "SMS Off", then "SMS/TEXT", and toggle to "On" and view/edit the display name.

What is the new number and short codes to use text banking?Send short codes to 226563 going forward. Text LIST to 226563 for the list of available commands.
Is Purchase Rewards available?
Unfortunately, Purchase Rewards is no longer available.

Was I rewarded for fulfilling an offer during April?
Yes; offers fulfilled prior to April 30 were rewarded in May.

Will I be rewarded for fulfilling an offer in May?
Unfortunately, no. Only offers fulfilled prior to April 30 were rewarded.

What if I believe I should have received a reward but didn't?
If you haven't received a reward, please contact us for assistance.
I can't export to Quicken from the new experience yet.
In order to export to Quicken, you'll need to reconnect your account.

I can't export to QuickBooks from the new experience yet.
Unfortunately, QuickBooks exports is currently unavailable while the transition occurs.

I can't connect to another personal financial management service like Mint. Why?
Unfortunately, connections to other personal financial management services will not be available while the transition occurs but should be available again soon.