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In an effort to enhance our digital banking experience, our online banking service and mobile banking app will be replaced in mid-June with a whole new look and feel, and enhanced functionality. Many of the same features you enjoy today will remain, and we’re pleased to be introducing new, robust tools and services to help you manage your financial life all in one place.

You may have some questions about this upcoming change. Check out the FAQs below for more information.
Why is digital banking changing?
Firefly is committed to providing an excellent experience for our members to help manage their finances and their life. Upgrading our online and mobile banking service will provide just that.

What will be changing? 
The look and feel of both online banking and the mobile app experiences will change. We'll also be enhancing functionality to bring more options, flexibility, and new features to you. More details about the specific changes will be provided in the coming months.

How can I prepare for the change?
‚ÄčIt's important we have up-to-date contact information for you to help with the upgrade process. Please review your contact information within online and mobile banking used to receive your one-time passcode verifying your identity - this is referred to as your security options. To review this, log into the mobile app or online banking and find Settings; modify or add any details as needed. TIP: Be sure to include at least one text option - it's typically the most convenient way to receive your passcode!
What will I use to login?
You'll use your same username and password as you do today. If you don't remember your password, any can be used to start the process; you'll be prompted to reset it during the first login.

Will I need to change my password?
You may need to change your password from what you use today  if it doesn't meet the security standards; requirements will be outlined during your first login.

What will the login experience be like?
You'll log into digital banking from our website or a mobile app with your existing username and any password (for mobile details, review the Mobile App FAQs on this page). You'll be prompted to select a method (email, call or text) to receive a Secure Access Code - this is used to help us ensure that the individual trying to log into your account is actually you. After receiving the Secure Access Code and entering it in the platform, be prompted to register/not register the device, set up your password, and accept our digital banking terms & conditions. Subsequent logins won't include all these steps.

What if I don't know my username?
If you aren't sure of what your username is, please contact us to retrieve it. You'll need this to log in.
Will I still have access to Bill Pay within the new experience?
Yes! Your enrollment and all of your payees and payments you have scheduled by May 30 will transfer to the new experience and be paid as requested.

When will I no longer be able to use the current Bill Pay service?
After May 30, the bill pay service will be unavailable within our current digital banking experience; access to the new platform will become available in mid-June.

What if I need to change a scheduled payment after May 30?
Unfortunately, Firefly will be unable to modify any scheduled payments or bill pay settings after May 30 so please plan accordingly.

What can I do to ensure my bills get paid during the transition?

Be sure to log into digital banking prior to May 30 to schedule any bills that may need to be paid in June. Payments scheduled by May 30 will carry over to the new experience.

Will the eBills I've enrolled in through digital banking also carry over?
Unfortunately, no. eBills (bills you may have elected to be available electronically in digital banking) will convert to paper until you re-enroll within the new digital banking experience.

How do I know if I have eBills? How to I unenroll?
There are a few ways you can identify if you have eBills set up within digital banking:

  • While logged into online banking, navigate to the Bill Pay section. Next to the listed payees you may see an option to "View bill" or "Waiting for bill". Click "Options" for that payee and select "Stop this eBill" and follow the resulting steps.
  • While logged into the mobile app, navigate to the Bill Pay section. Under the Payees tab, click on an existing payee to view eBill status. If eBill is indicated as "ON", select to stop the eBill and follow the resulting steps.

What should I do now to manage my eBills?
You will need to unenroll any eBills set up within digital banking by May 30 to avoid missing statements from a biller. If you do not unenroll by May 30, your eBill status will be deactivated and your biller will be notified to send you a paper statement. Note - you may or may not receive additional notification directly from your biller that you have unenrolled in eBills.

Will I be able to access my eStatements in the new experience?
We're pleased to continue to offer eStatements within digital banking. However, you'll need to re-enroll in the service after June 13; this allows us to offer all members the option to receive tax forms and other notifications through the service in the future.

When can I re-enroll in eStatements?
After June 13; you can expect your next statement after re-enrolling to be available electronically.

Will my previous statements still be available to view/print/save?
Yes! We'll continue to display your previous 18 months of statements for your convenience.

I rely on my eStatement enrollment to receive my Amplified Checking dividend each month. What should I do?
We know this can be an inconvenience for our members, especially in this situation. Please re-enroll in eStatements as soon as you're able after June 13 to ensure this particular requirement is met for your Amplified Checking dividend.
Will I need to download a new mobile app?
Our iPhone app will automatically prompt you to update it to a new version. For the Android version, a new app will need to be downloaded. It's easiest to uninstall our current Android app (named Firefly Credit Union) to avoid confusion; then find our new app (named Firefly Digital Banking) in the App Store and download to get started.

What if I use my fingerprint to log into the mobile app today?
Fingerprint login will still be available but you'll need to re-establish that security option after logging in through the traditional alphanumeric method. If you aren't sure your username is, request that from Firefly now as you'll need it to log into digital banking for the first time after the change.

Will the quick balance widget still be available?
Unfortunately, no. We're continuing to look for opportunities to bring this functionality back to the experience, however.

Will I still be able to access Firefly's card control app, SecurLOCK Equip?
Firefly's card control app, SecurLOCK Equip, is still available for iOS and Android; access to the app will not be available from directly within digital banking, however. We hope to integrate the service into digital banking in the future.
Will I still be able to deposit checks from my phone?
Yes! Mobile Deposit will still be available in the new experience. You may be prompted to re-accept the initial disclosure but your existing limits will carry over so you can continue to deposit as you have previously.
Will transfers I have set up to automatically occur between my Firefly accounts within digital banking carry over?
Yes! Those transfer you have set up as recurring or scheduled to occur on a specific date will carry over to the new experience if set up prior to June 5.

Can I modify recurring or scheduled transfers after June 5?
Unfortunately, no modifications can be made to recurring or scheduled transfers after June 5th; this allows us to have transfer details ready in the new experience. Please plan accordingly.
WillMoney Management still be available?
Money Management will also be available in the new experience but will be integrated throughout creating easier ways to categorize spending, view trends, and manage your financial life.

Will my categories, goals, and other settings carry over?
Unfortunately, no. Settings will refresh in the new experience so please make note of any preferences you may want to set up after the change.
Will I still be able to transfer money to other people or other banks/credit unions?
Yes! You may currently be using our PopMoney or GoMoney services to send money outside of Firefly. The ability to do so will remain and we're pleased to offer a great solution through our Send Money service - find it under Move Money > Send Money in digital banking.

Will the existing external transfers I have set up today carry over to the new experience?
Unfortunately, no. Please take note of any details you may want to replicate in the new experience now to help with the transition.
Will I still have the ability to send a text to receive my balance or make a transfer?
Yes! We're pleased to continue to offer text banking. You'll need to re-enroll, however. Doing so is easy - go to Services > Text Banking within digital banking, add your phone number and agree to the terms outlined to continue using the service. The new text number and short codes are included on that same screen.
Will Purchase Rewards still be available?
Unfortunately, as of April 30 Purchase Rewards is no longer available.

Will I still be rewarded for fulfilling an offer during April?
Yes; offers fulfilled prior to April 30 will be rewarded in May.

Will I be rewarded for fulfilling an offer in May that I added prior to April 30?
Unfortunately, no. Only offers fulfilled prior to April 30 will be rewarded. Those rewards can be expected by the end of May.

What if I believe I should have received a reward but didn't?
If you haven't received a reward by May 31 for an offer fulfilled prior to April 30, please contact Firefly for assistance.
What other settings will carry over to the new experience?
Many of your existing settings like account nicknames and alerts will carry over to make the transition as smooth as possible.


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