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Compared to banks, members save an average of $770 in their first year alone with a Firefly Mortgage.
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Rates in effect as of October 19, 2018 and are subject to change without notice
Product Rate APR
1st Mortgage Purchase
30 Year Fixed Rate4.875%5.021%
20 Year Fixed Rate4.750%4.947%
15 Year Fixed Rate4.375%4.623%
10 Year Fixed Rate4.250%4.604%
3 year ARM4.000%5.183%
5 year ARM4.125%5.048%
7 year ARM4.250%4.966%
1st Mortgage Refinances
30 Year Fixed Rate4.875%5.004%
20 Year Fixed Rate4.750%4.924%
15 Year Fixed Rate4.375%4.594%
10 Year Fixed Rate4.250%4.562%
Free in 154.000%4.147%
Free in 103.750%3.960%
3 year ARM4.000%5.166%
5 year ARM4.125%5.031%
7 year ARM4.250%4.949%
1st Mortgage Jumbo's
5 year Jumbo ARM ($453,100+)4.750%5.184%
7 year Jumbo ARM ($453,100+)5.000%5.235%

All loans subject to normal credit approval. Rates and terms subject to change. Contact a Firefly loan officer for details. All loan rates presented for consumer loans only and not applicable to business loans.

Which mortgage works best for you?

  Traditional Free-in-10 MortgageSM or Free-in-15SM Mortgage
Overview Use for a primary residence, land, vacation home or refinancing. Quickly reduce long-term debt by refinancing with this Firefly-exclusive mortgage.
Fixed-rate Option
Adjustable-rate Option  
Terms Various options, fixed and adjustable 10- or 15-year fixed rate
Rates Change daily Change daily; maximum 80% loan-to-value
Possible Tax-Deductible Interest
Discounted Realty Services  
Insurance Discounts


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