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Starting a Career

Firefly provides financial options for your future.

It's not always easy to find your career niche, especially if you're searching when the job market is weaker. Stay persistent and open-minded to new opportunities. Even after you start your career, you should work to improve your skills, enhance your knowledge and grow your professional network.

  • Use free services at the library or your school to create a professional résumé that you update as necessary     
  • Join professional network and alumni groups to meet people and familiarize yourself with specific industries
  • Utilize professional social networks to connect and expand your network
  • Seek a mentor who will share his or her job expertise and help you understand what's needed to succeed

Go Beyond the Paycheck.

Don't judge a job by the paycheck. Sometimes better opportunities exist when your job includes valuable medical, dental and vision benefits along with opportunities to open a 401(k) retirement savings plan with matching contributions from your employer. Consider all factors when weighing job options.

Repaying Your Student Loans

Understanding your responsibilities when repaying student loans helps you create a budget and strategy for becoming debt-free.

  • Repayment begins six months after graduation, so you'll need a repayment plan in place quickly
  • You may qualify for payment deferment or postponement if you are unemployed, pursuing a graduate degree, or enrolled in the armed forces
  • Avoid missing payments because you will be charged high penalty fees and your credit score will be lowered, making it more difficult and expensive for you to obtain a loan in the future