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Delivering millions of dollars in value
to our members every year.

We make it easier for you to save money with valuable promotions throughout the year.
We delivered our members nearly $18 million in value in 2016. Check out all the ways you can benefit:

Transfer your Balance & Save!

You could save more money each month by transferring existing balances from higher-rate cards to a Firefly Visa® Rewards Credit Card.
Transferring balances is a quick and easy way to save more in 2017 - especially with no fee balance transfers. Plus, you can receive 1% cash back on balance transfers to a Firefly Visa Rewards Credit Card until March 31, 2017.*


*Balance transfe 1% cash back offer only valid on balance transfers from external credit cards for a limited time between January 1 and March 31, 2017 and is subject to change. Balance transfer will appear as a cash advance on your statement and interest will beging accruing on posting date. Visa Card Account must remain open, in good standing, and not be over the limit or delinguent at the time the 1% cash back is posted. to your share savings account. Allow 30 days from completion of balance transfer for cash to be deposited. All loans are subject to credit approval. A transaction fee of up to 1% may be charged for foreign transactions. Up to $25 may be charged for late payment. Up to $25 may be charged for returned payment. Balance transfers and cash advances are not eligible for reward points. For complete terms and conditions of rewards program, visit ScoreCard Rewards program subject to change.

At Firefly Credit Union, we help you accomplish your dreams by delivering financial solutions that make it easier to manage your money and life. We delivered our entire membership nearly $18 million in value last year; an average of $291 per member. Those with three or more unique products at Firefly received even more; on average about $443. At Firefly, we want to help you keep more money in your pocket.

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